How a Montessori bed supports learning

The Montessori floor bed is a constant debate among new moms. In fact, it’s one of the most discussed elements in the Montessori home environment. Many well-intentioned aunts and grandparents will ask in disbelief, “You’re actually going to put your baby to sleep on the floor?” Not to mention the raised eyebrows you will get [...]

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4 ways to encourage adventurous eating habits in a toddler

Struggling with picky eaters is a universal problem for moms, and it can get disheartening when your toddler throws your carefully curated plate of vegetables and proteins on the floor, or feeds them to the dog! Before you label your child as a picky eater there are tips and tricks you can try to set [...]

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The Best Montessori Toys for Babies

Your new baby will learn more in their first year than any other year of life. When they are born, they can’t control their eyes, hands, or bodies. They are almost completely helpless. But your one-year-old will have a basic mastery of all these skills. They will follow movements in the world just by moving [...]

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What makes a toy a Montessori toy?

When faced with twenty different rattles, an entire section of busy boxes, countless stuffed animals of every shape and size, it can be hard to find beautiful and useful toys for your baby without becoming overwhelmed. Let’s tune in to the principles that Montessori learning teach us and review what makes a toy Montessori. Montessori [...]

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A Day in the Life: Nicole Kavanaugh incorporates Montessori at home

Nicole Kavanaugh of Minnesota is the mother of three with a baby due in September. Nicole is kicking off our Day in the Life series. She walks us through her toddler Gus’ day, and how she applies the Montessori method at home.

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