What makes a toy a Montessori toy?

When faced with twenty different rattles, an entire section of busy boxes, countless stuffed animals of every shape and size, it can be hard to find beautiful and useful toys for your baby without becoming overwhelmed. Let’s tune in to the principles that Montessori learning teach us and review what makes a toy Montessori. Montessori [...]

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A Day in the Life: Nicole Kavanaugh incorporates Montessori at home

Nicole Kavanaugh of Minnesota is the mother of three with a baby due in September. Nicole is kicking off our Day in the Life series. She walks us through her toddler Gus’ day, and how she applies the Montessori method at home.

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Hand Over The Spoon: 8 Ways To Raise An Independent Eater

Any opportunity for your child to engage in self-care, such as eating independently, boosts their self-esteem. Practicing independent eating also helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Here are 9 tips to help set a foundation for healthy eating habits for life with your baby.

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Learning to Walk: 4 Tips for Encouraging This Exciting Baby Milestone

The urge to walk and experience the independence that comes with it is intense, and for now NOTHING, including work with his hands, will seem as interesting or important. Here are some tips to prepare for and encourage milestones during this period of rapid transformation.

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