How to look for the best learning toys for toddlers

By the time your child has become a toddler, they have already learned so much! They can stand, walk, and use their hands, and they are expressing their independence and thinking in new ways. They have spent the first year of their life doing the hard work of transitioning from baby to toddler, and now [...]

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Newborn toys: When can babies really play?

Whether this is your first, second, or even fifth baby, there is nothing like those moments spent gazing into your newborn’s eyes, touching their tiny toes, or kissing their warm heads. You will spend countless hours holding, soothing, feeding, and changing your newborn. And when you are not taking care of them, they will probably [...]

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6 reasons Montessorians love wooden toys

If you walk into a Montessori classroom, you’ll notice that most of the materials are wooden. Similarly, almost all of the toys designed for babies and toddlers in a Montessori home environment are wooden. There are many reasons for this—developmental, aesthetic, environmental, and health-related, among others. This Push Balls set is part of the [...]

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7 Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers

Halloween is an exciting time for children: pumpkin decorations, the beginning of fall, the drama of costumes, the adventure of trick-or-treating, and the sweetness of candy. For the littlest children, however, it can also get a bit overwhelming. For some children, costumes can be confusing and scary and Halloween candy can be very stimulating! What [...]

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4 Ways to Support Bilingual Language From Birth

There are many wonderful reasons a child may have the opportunity to grow up in a bilingual environment. Knowing two languages is a beautiful gift for anyone! A young child’s absorbent mind makes it the ideal time to benefit from exposure to multiple languages. A little one will take languages on seemingly without effort and [...]

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The Essential Guide to Montessori Mobiles

Mobiles for infants are popular nursery decorations, but did you know they provide more than aesthetically pleasing adornments for a baby's room? A Montessori approach to nurturing a newborn's development recommends mobiles for specific reasons! Read on to learn more about Montessori mobiles. Here's an introduction to four mobiles that enable parents to provide developmentally [...]

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How to use the Montessori method with infants

At first glance, a Montessori baby at play may look like any other baby: happily gnawing on a rattle, putting a ball in a hole, or chasing a rolling toy. But if you look closer and longer, you will see many differences rise to the surface. There is a reason that many Montessori educators call [...]

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What Does A Montessori Bedroom Look Like?

Maria Montessori's philosophy of encouraging creativity and independence applied not only to the classroom, but also to the home. She believed in the importance of creating a space where everything is within a child's reach, even from a very young age, hence the idea to design a Montessori bedroom. While we naturally think about how [...]

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7 Best Books About Montessori and Child Development

There are so many incredible options out there if you want to read more about Montessori and early childhood development. Here are 7 favorite books, curated by the Monti Kids Learning Team, that can help you do it right from home. These are Montessori classics that you will love, covering everything from Montessori theory to practical tips on raising a toddler.

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