How To: Set Up A Color Matching Activity for Toddlers

How To: Set Up A Color Matching Activity for Toddlers

Once your child can identify colors, it can be fun to point out the variety of ways in which they show up. When we group things by color, we are practicing classification. Once your toddler can consistently show you items of different colors, you can design some activities around this skill. Here are two ideas for color matching activities. Color Matching Activity Thanks to Instagram user @toddlertoddlerlittlestar for sharing this color matching activity she created for her toddler, Eva, 19 months. Using the colorful rings from the bead stringing kit in the Monti Kids Level 6 Box, she prepared a setting for her daughter to match the rings to the color on the wheel. The wheel itself is a simple DIY project. Here's what you'll need:  After crafting the color wheel, Eva's mama set the activity out in a clutter-free space with a table and chair at just the right height. This is how we create invitations for our children to engage with new materials. Ready for another version? We love this color-matching activity shared by @BringingUpBabe on Instagram because it enables toddlers to use their minds to distinguish the colors and their whole bodies to complete the match.  toddler indoor activity: color matching

What to prepare

All you need to set up this activity for your child are pieces of colored paper and a box of objects for your child to match, as seen above. For a younger child, provide a limited set of items for them to match. For an older child, they may be able to find items themselves around the house or from a specific play area. Place the colored paper in a row and demonstrate for your child how to place a matching object on the paper. Preparing the environment is a foundational concept of the Montessori approach to learning. ABOUT MONTI KIDS: Learn more about how we enable Montessori learning at home with a subscription program that helps you provide the right materials and environment at the right stage for your baby or toddler.

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