Holiday Gift Guide: For The Busy Toddler

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Busy Toddler

Toddlers have a lot going on! As their language and motor skills advance, they crave independence and new experience. With this in mind, we've put together some gift ideas for toddlers that will challenge them at just the right level!

Informed by child development expertise, these picks will engage your favorite little ones as they strive to master new skills.

Gift Idea: Scooter for a Toddler

Adjustable Scooter from 6KU

This highly-rated three-wheel scooter offers 3-5-year-olds the opportunity to work on balance while they experiment with speed!

FIND IT HERE > Weaning Table

A Child-Sized Table from Sprout

A table and chair set that is just their size gives toddlers a huge boost of self-esteem. For the first time, they can get into a chair independently and reach everything on the table! Perfect for snack time, art projects, or simply to fulfill the desire that many little ones have to stand up while they work on an activity with their hands. (Learn why this is called a weaning table) Save 10% with code MONTIWEANING.


Problem-Solving Gift Set

Encourage a toddler's newfound enjoyment of games and social activities. The open-ended activities in this Toolkit introduce new opportunities to recognize and build patterns through play.


I'd Rather Be Outside T-shirt from Etsy

A gender-neutral message tee that announces to the world, "I'd rather be outside," is perfect for the little neighbor kid who is always showing you their bucket of rocks. 

FIND IT HERE > GIft ideas for toddlers: Toddler backpack

Toddler-sized Backpack from THE Crafts

Nothing makes a toddler feel prouder than doing things for themselves. Once they can walk with confidence, you can invite them to pack a toy and a sweatshirt in their backpack and carry it themselves. A backpack sized just for a toddler's small frame will bring them both joy and self-confidence.


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