The Best Toys for Your Newborn’s Learning: Unboxing Monti Kids Level 1

The Best Toys for Your Newborn’s Learning: Unboxing Monti Kids Level 1

How do we engage our newborns? What are the best learning toys for newborns -- and what can newborn babies even play with?

Watch Monti Kids founder Zahra Kassam unbox the very first toys that Monti Kids families receive in their 8-box Montessori subscription series. Then read on to learn how to choose the right developmental toys for babies at every stage.

It’s never too early to start playing with your baby. In fact, research shows babies learn best through developmentally appropriate play. Open-ended guided play is a great way to bond with your baby. Plus, it’s good for their growing brains!

85% of your baby’s brain is formed by age three. All the pathways and patterns of learning your baby is developing now are the same pathways for learning that they will use for the rest of their lives.

More importantly, what we do actually matters and impacts your baby’s development. A big part of your baby hitting key milestones, gaining skills and becoming school ready has to do with the toys, experiences and opportunities for learning they receive from birth. By choosing toys that are developmentally appropriate and add just enough challenge, you can make the most of your little one’s awake times and lay the foundation for all their future learning.

It’s amazing to see a newborn engage in long periods of concentration and independent play when given the right materials. New mom, Aimee, shared with us, “My little one loves the mobiles and will happily lay under it for 30 min and will get upset if we move her before she's done."

Newborn playtime

Monti Kids makes it easy for families to meet their baby’s developmental needs at every stage, right from birth.

Mom blogger, Holly, from This Toddler Life, writes, “If you fall behind on getting your child new materials, they are likely to become bored and distracted from their work. This is where a monthly subscription box comes in handy. It takes the guesswork out of trying to find proper materials for you. Instead of stressing to try and figure out what is next, you can rely on these boxes for some quality age-appropriate Montessori materials every month.”

Watch the video above as our founder, Zahra Kassam, unboxes Monti Kids level one and explains what the best learning toys are for your newborn.

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