Monti Kids Families Share Their #Shelfie

Monti Kids Families Share Their #Shelfie

Real families using Montessori materials at home

Families enrolled in Monti Kids share ideas and experiences in our online community, designed to support parents who are currently subscribed to our program. We loved seeing all these real-life examples. (Related: Find out where to buy a toy shelf to start your Montessori play area at home.)

Mei-Lin, Silver Spring, MD

I love my daughter’s setup. A simple shelf with a handful of materials she can engage with. Her own space within ours, it helps keep things organised which also makes it pleasing to the eye. We have fun rotating her materials and love to observe how she works with them, the joy, the discoveries, challenges, and progression.

Megan, Mentor, OH

My 10-month old loves all her Monti Kids toys!  Thanks to Monti Kids, I have learned that the value of a few high-quality toys at my child's current developmental level far outweighs having an overabundance of the latest toys with flashing lights.  She is developing concentration and focus while playing with beautifully-constructed toys!

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Tina, Front Royal, VA

I love having a designated area for my sons toys! Children are order driven, and I catch him putting back his duck on the shelf, or I can ask him to put a particular toy back - and he will! In its ‘rightful’ spot. Its something that I hope carries through adulthood! ;)

Lily, Fairfax, VA

I set up two spaces with existing IKEA shelves, one in the dining room so I can keep my eye on my son when I cook, the other in the basement. I put different toys on them accordingly, such as blocks on mat/wood floor and rolling toys on the carpet. The black one is actually a TV stand.

There are many different ways to set up a play space. We'd love to see what works in your home. Share your #shelfie in the comments below!

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