12 Days of Montessori Holiday Play Activities for Toddlers - Part 2

12 Days of Montessori Holiday Play Activities for Toddlers - Part 2

The holidays are upon us and families everywhere are cozying up and spending more time together. Looking for Montessori Christmas activities? In the spirit of play, we’ve rounded up 12 days of holiday-themed play ideas with tips to support you in creating moments of learning and togetherness with your little one. Here are days seven through twelve of #MontiKids12Days.
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Montessori Holiday Activities for Toddlers

🎵 Seven ducks a-floating🎵 Our Mystery Bags provide a fun opportunity for your child to develop their haptic sense. Although often underrated, the haptic sense is important for the development of gross and fine motor skills, as well as for your child’s general perception of the world. The haptic sense involves identifying objects by sensory information & active exploration of objects. For example, it's a skill needed for adults to reach into our purse and feel around for our keys or mobile phone. 🐥 Our Classified Mystery Bag comes with a set of familiar bathroom objects, including the classic rubber ducky. Presenting related objects together boosts memory retention through semantic clustering.
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🎵 On the 8th day of play make cookies with me!🎵 Holiday baking with your little one is a fun way to promote literacy, math, chemistry and willpower with your toddler. Read the recipes out loud (literacy), measure the ingredients together (counting/fractions), and watch the ingredients change during mixing and baking (chemistry). Our Level 7 Baking Set is made for small hands & natural materials so your child feels successful as your sous chef! 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪

🎵 Dancers Dancing!🎵 If your little one is still practicing their dance moves, lay down their sweet head under our Dancers mobile. As the mobile's parts rotate independently, your baby learns that size, shape & color of an object remain constant even when lighting, distance & viewing angles change. As they concentrate you may enjoy a silent (few moments of) night🌟

🎵 10 figures a-leaping!🎵 Our Level 6 Language Set teaches your child vocabulary for different occupations. Introducing new vocabulary in categorized groups (as opposed to random groups) helps your child to learn because of the principle of semantic clustering; presenting related words together boosts memory retention. It also explores the idea that objects can have the same name but look different. For example, a police officer comes in different shapes and sizes.

🎵 11 Pegs-a-piping!🎵 Whether musical pipes or a chance to practice advanced fine motor skills, our Level 4 Peg Box prepares your child's hand for writing by requiring a firm pincer grasp. As your baby rotates their wrist to fit the pegs into the hole, they build muscles that are vital for strong hands and arms.

🎵 12 drums a-spinning🎵 The quick, colorful spin of the Level 3 Spinning Drum helps to boost your baby's visual skills. Developmentally appropriate visual stimulation and challenge enhances your baby's long-term visual ability. Your baby can also practice reaching with accuracy during tummy time and later while sitting. This develops muscle tone and strength.

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