12 Days of Holiday Montessori Play Activities for Toddlers - Part 1

12 Days of Holiday Montessori Play Activities for Toddlers - Part 1

The holidays are upon us and families everywhere are cozying up and spending more time together. Looking for Montessori Christmas activities? In the spirit of play, we’ve rounded up 12 days of play with tips to support you in creating moments of learning and togetherness with your little one. Follow along on Instagram @MontiKids. In the meantime, here's the first six days. Stay tuned later in the week to discover all twelve days!⠀

Montessori Holiday Activities for Toddlers

On the first day of holiday play give your child the gift of confidence and balance! It’s proven that when children carry objects it helps to focus their attention, stabilize their balance and minimize their falls when they first begin to walk. The Pull Toy (pear tree sold separately😉) gives your child the support and confidence to improve their coordination, balance & gross motor skills.

🎶On the second day of play read a book to me! 🎶 Doves represent peace. This is not a dove. It is a turtle dove and it represents ✨peace of mind✨ Our Wooden Book provides your baby with a comforting, cozy opportunity for language learning. Your baby will create a positive association with books, the first step in fostering a lifelong love of reading. Hence giving you ✨peace of mind✨

🎵 On the third day set your table for a feast! 🎵 Have your little one help you set the holiday table to enjoy 3 french hens, or whatever tickles your fancy🍽 Establishing a table setting ritual responds to your baby’s innate sense of order, starts healthy eating habits, and lets them practice hand-eye coordination. Our Dining Set is perfectly sized for your little one’s hands, and is introduced to your child when they are able to sit up with support and ready to introduce solids.

🎶 On the fourth day of play hear the bird go tweeet!🎶 Babies, eager to learn about the real world around them, benefit most from books that feature realistic, concrete images of things they see in everyday life. Infants learn best when their books feature one image per page and with you leading a conversation about it (preferably with sound effects!).

🎵 Fiiiive Monti Kids RINGS! 🎵 Monti Kids gives your true love dynamic manipulatives with various weights, textures, shapes and colors, to provide rich sensorial play. These encourage your baby to reach for, grasp and move them to improve their fine & gross motor skills while keeping things fun and interesting (and much safer than the traditional 5 Golden Rings 😉)

🎵 Six geese a-playing!🎵 The Egg Cup is just one of our materials that encourages your baby to use their two hands together. 🐣 We help your little one crack this skill with practice around 6 months old🐣 This skill has implications on your child's physical development, reading and writing, and many other tasks of everyday life. When your baby coordinates their two hands in play, they make neurological connections between the two hemispheres of their brain.

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