Montessori Shelves That Will Inspire You To Rotate Your Toys

Montessori Shelves That Will Inspire You To Rotate Your Toys

The Monti Kids® Program is essentially a series of toy rotations that gets delivered to you with instructions for when and how to introduce each item to your child. 

Montessori Toy Rotation

The beauty of a toy rotation practice is that it invites a child to engage more deeply with each toy -- because there are fewer distractions.

Read more about how toy rotation benefits a child's brain development -- but first, scroll down to see a few examples of shelves that have been curated for focused play.

Montessori Shelf with Rotation

In this photo, the baby play area features a select number of the toys from the Monti Kids Program: Level 2. There are enough items to choose from, but not so many that it's difficult to keep them orderly.

In a week or so, the family can switch out any that are not currently engaging the baby.

Montessori Toy Rotation Shelf

This shelf shows items from a few different paths in the Monti Kids Program. At this age, the baby is probably using the shelf to pull up and then explore the items on top, all of which are designed to challenge a young toddler's hand-eye coordination. As your little one's ability to grasp different shapes develops, you'll notice they can interact with their toys more independently!

photo credit: @jonesvilleblog

In this welcoming play area, we see the Spinning Drum, Multi-Shape Puzzles, and a collection of books on the top shelf. (Tip: Use double-sided tape to secure this in place during this phase of development to encourage pulling up.) The bottom shelf offers a basket with a collection of items, an Object Permanence Box, and the Rocking Stacker. 

The closet to the right is giving us a sneak peek at what's to come in a future rotation!

There's no right or wrong way to practice toy rotation. It is a helpful approach to keeping play areas decluttered and giving our little one's the opportunity to concentrate, make choices, and practice independence. 

photo credit: @wonderland.montessori

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