Best Montessori Toys For Babies: Unboxing Monti Kids Level 2

Best Montessori Toys For Babies: Unboxing Monti Kids Level 2

Carefully curated with the best developmental toys for babies ages 4-6 months, the Level 2 box in the Monti Kids program offers support for hand-eye coordination, grasp development, and body control. level 2 toys Watch the unboxing video below to see what's inside and why these particular materials were selected. Monti Kids founder, Zahra Kassam, will put her son down under his activity gym, and give us a tour. What's behind the design of the Level 2 collection? At this age, we want to offer your baby the materials to learn control and mastery of their hands and core. Your baby’s hands are their best tools for exploration and learning. The toys in the Monti Kids Level 2 box provide children ages three months and older with the perfect outlet for their developing motor skills, cognitive skills, and strength. Beginning to draw from the “practical life” aspect of Montessori, Level 2 includes a dining set sized for your baby to model mealtime, and a wooden book to introduce reading and storytime. Each toy is challenging but not overstimulating, building on the ones before it. As a parent, you will learn to promote your baby’s language, motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills with Level 2. Through our toy timeline, simple videos, and articles, all found in the Parent Learning Center we offer online, we guide you through the curriculum and help you lay a strong foundation for your baby’s education and life! Christyne, a Monti Kids mom, shared this with us about Level 2: “I love the quality and design of the Monti Kids program. These are exactly the types of timeless and educational toys that I want to share with my baby. My little one loves his wooden book best at the moment!!” Rattle for 3-month old He loves the cylinder rattle - I think it's really helping him learn how to crawl. He also went back to the square rattle and is really into that now (more now than when I first introduced it to him). Lastly, the teether ball is a huge hit! Loves putting it in his mouth. Valerie Level 2 Mom

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