{Watch} Monti Kids Modern Montessori Explained

{Watch} Monti Kids Modern Montessori Explained

As Monti Kids announces Modern Montessori, our Head of Learning, Stacy Keane, hopped online to talk about this shift and what it means for parents. Head of Learning Team for Monti Kids We really want to make Montessori accessible to a new generation of parents ... We want to do that through innovation and adaptability. We’re aiming to innovate on the delivery and accessibility, not the methodologies and the method. Those are timeless and proven. Stacy Keane Head of Learning, Monti Kids

WATCH: In this discussion, longtime friends and Montessorians, Nichole Holtvluwer of Radicle Beginnings and Stacy Keane, Head of Learning for Monti Kids, talk about how Modern Montessori meets parents where they are.

https://youtu.be/j6YvC3gMo_k WATCH LISTEN

In the interview, Holtvluwer and Keane cover

  • A deep dive into Modern Montessori
  • Empowering parents to be their child’s first guide
  • How authentic Montessori principles led us to Modern Montessori
  • The 5 tenets of the Modern Montessori Approach
  • How Monti Kids delivers Modern Montessori

Read more about Modern Montessori in a short article.

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