Modern Montessori from Monti Kids

Modern Montessori from Monti Kids

Today we are introducing you to Modern Montessori.

Modern Montessori: A Monti Kids Coaching Session for Parents

Modern Montessori is simple.

It is a set of ideas that guide us to support our little ones as they grow, with our sights set on nurturing independent, self-confident adults who find satisfaction in taking care of themselves, others, and the world around them.

Modern Montessori is flexible.

It moves with us throughout the day. It's singing in the car. It's cleaning up spills in the kitchen. It's noticing our child's unique inclinations and appreciating them for who they are in this moment.

Modern Montessori is for families.

Unlike teachers, we parents will not say goodbye to these children on Friday afternoons or usher in a new batch of children each school year. In short, parents are not professional educators, operating within the confines of a curated classroom. Parenting is an expansive relationship, lasting 24 hours each day, traveling wherever a child goes.

And that's why we developed Modern Montessori.

Monti Kids offers Modern Montessori to today's parents to enable them to:

  • support their child’s development, confidence, and independence both at home and on the go
  • customize their child's home environment to support their ability to care for themselves
  • model how culture and community work by using rich language and kind words to invite their children into positive social relationships
  • include their child in daily tasks at home, teaching them practical life skills along the way
  • provide their children with materials and experiences that are intentionally designed to activate their most powerful active learning zone
  • understand that each family can make their own choices; there are no specific rules to follow to reap the benefits of the Modern Montessori approach

Is Modern Montessori Authentically Montessori?

With increasing images of wooden toys and minimalist nurseries circulating on the Internet, there is some confusion about the term Montessori. Is it a style of playroom? Or a type of preschool? Is it difficult to execute?

Montessori education is rooted in respect for children, and it's not complicated! It's just a way of supporting children as they develop, both physically and cognitively.

Just like the traditional Montessori approach, we show you how to watch for developmental changes, and then offer activities that deepen the practice of new-found skills. And that is the foundation of Monti Kids’ Modern Montessori curriculum.

How does Monti Kids offer Modern Montessori?

When families begin the Monti Kids® Program, they'll receive a toolkit that matches their child's developmental stage. Here's how it works:

First, a Montessori-certified educator will become available for a consultation. You can book a phone call or use email to discuss any parenting topic at all -- it doesn't have to be about learning! Some families ask for toilet learning support, sleep support, or tantrum navigation tactics.

Next, a set of online lessons will be available in a Parent Learning Center. These articles and videos will show you how to notice your child's milestones suggest activities that will meet their developmental needs. Sounds scientific? It's just playing! We've covered the science so that you can enjoy watching these magic milestones unfold.

And of course, you'll receive an at-home delivery of educator-designed toys and activities that enable you to follow the suggestions you've gotten from the Parent Learning Center.

These materials are high-quality, safe, and thoughtfully designed to engage children at just the right level of challenge. All you have to do is play!

Baby playing with Object Permanance Box from Monti Kids

The inspiration for the Monti Kids Program is to make Montessori accessible and relevant for modern parents. Our online community enables Monti Kids families to share experiences with each other and ask our Learning Team questions -- anytime.

We have not compromised the pillars of the Montessori approach. We're simply bringing it to your home, your devices, and making it easy.

Welcome to Modern Montessori.


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