What's So Montessori About a House Bed?

What's So Montessori About a House Bed?

If you've spent any time on Instagram or Pinterest looking at Montessori bedrooms, you may have noticed a popular style of floor bed for toddlers: a wood-framed house bed. Pretty cute, right?
Montessori Toddler House Bed
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Where to find a toddler house bed

You can find a house bed on Etsy, Wayfair, or Amazon, or build one if you're handy, but the most important characteristic of it is not actually the house. It is the fact that the mattress is on the floor.
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The house element above the mattress is purely inspired by aesthetics. Many families love to decorate their little one's room with whimsy and a house bed offers a taste of that. We agree: it's adorable! GET A FREE EBOOK : 7 Easy Ways to Support Your Baby’s Learning Today Parents who want a Montessori-aligned sleeping space choose a floor bed, but may feel that it looks sparse. A crib offers more style and a mattress alone can look bare. A minimalist house bed frame is a happy medium.

But why the floor bed?

A floor bed, with or without a frame of any style allows for independent movement. Access to entering and exiting bed independently enhances a little one’s ability to start their own days without relying on an adult to set them “free”. Read more about how floor beds for toddlers support learning here >
Toddler House Bed: Developmental Benefits
photo: house bed frame for crib mattress / amazon
A house bed frame can be sized for a twin bed mattress or to go over a crib mattress.  Because the mattress sits on the floor, the house bed can accommodate any height mattress. Use a lower mattress for younger children who tend to roll off the bed. The rest of the bedroom should offer safe, independent activities for little ones so that when they leave their bed, they can choose a book or activity. Read more about Montessori bedrooms > BROWSE HOUSE BEDS ON AMAZON

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