The Montessori Nursery: Room Ideas for Every Size of Space

The Montessori Nursery: Room Ideas for Every Size of Space

Baby rooms come in every size -- sometimes just a few square feet allotted in the bedroom of the parents -- and many parents wonder how to design a nursery that supports their baby's development, especially if they don't have a lot of space.

We've created a short video that will show you where to put the necessary furniture for a Montessori nursery. 

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Things to keep in mind when space-planning a Montessori nursery

  • A place to sleep may be a crib, a floor bed, or a basket or cradle that can be moved.
  • A diaper changing spot might be short-lived. If you plan to do stand-up diaper changes once your baby can walk, make sure the changing table doubles as a dresser, shelf, or other useful piece of furniture.
  • A play area and access to toys is usually on the floor.  As soon as your baby can creep or crawl, placing age appropriate toys within reach will help them 

Creating a nursery space in your own bedroom? That works!

We don't always have a dedicated room for baby. If you'll be sharing a room with your baby, focus on making it safe for sleeping. A changing station will come in handy, so we rank that second priority for your shared bedroom. The play area can be in the living room.

Again, think about how your baby will spend their time. When not being held, they can lay on the floor, so a blanket or playmat will come the main destination.

Watch: 3 Layout Options For A Montessori Nursery

A Montessori nursery is designed with baby's development in mind, rather than the convenience of the parents. (Get down on the floor to get your baby's perspective! That's where they'll sit and crawl in the first year.) 

In a large bedroom, we recommend a mirror next to the playmat where your baby can see themselves during tummy time or playtime. 

A chair for overnight feedings can become a chair for story time during the day, but if budget or space does not allow for it, a cozy corner for books can be created from a beanbag or floor bed.

A small nursery does not prevent families from embracing a Montessori approach to parenting. It simply means that bedroom activities will be focused on getting ready for bed and sleeping.

toddler floor bed

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