How to Reduce Your Child's Carbon Footprint (By Limiting Toy Consumption)

How to Reduce Your Child's Carbon Footprint (By Limiting Toy Consumption)

Although Maria Montessori was making her observations of children before we had identified the climate change crisis, she was an environmentalist! She valued the role of nature in a child's world. She suggested that a close connection with the outdoor world and natural materials encouraged children to care about their environments and the planet.

In addition to sharing our values of sustainable living with our little ones, what else can parents do to reduce the impact of having kids on the planet?

(Analysts at Morgan Stanley have said “Having a child is 7-times worse for the climate in CO2 emissions annually than the next 10 most discussed mitigants that individuals can do.”)

Montessori Preschooler

Ways to Reduce Environmental Impact Of Toys

  1. Buy toys that last.
    Heirloom-quality toys can be given away and enjoyed by more children, reducing our collective need to acquire new toys. Especially baby toys, such as rattles, which only get used for a short time. A beautiful wooden rattle can be used by many babies! 
  2. Buy second-hand baby gear and toys.
    Participate in reselling marketplaces like Rebelstork, where you can both shop for and sell high-quality strollers, Montessori toys, and apparel.
  3. Be mindful about materials.
    Most Montessori toys are made of natural materials such as wood and cotton, which are sustainable, demanding less resources from the planet than plastic.
  4. Play with non-toys. Water play, scavenger hunts, and kitchen items can offer sensory exploration for little ones that meet developmental needs. Before you buy a new toy to solve for boredom, consider whether organizing some items on a wooden tray or hiding existing toys in a mystery bag might do the trick.
  5. Embrace a Montessori-style play area.
    A low shelf with just a few toys displayed invites focus and concentration because it's clutter-free. Here's how toy rotation works.
baby play area

During our parenting journey, we all become consumers in new categories, filling our homes with items that often have utility for only a few years (like a crib!) and sometimes just a few months (like a baby swing). Monti Kids is committed to making every effort to reduce our impact by using sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, and non-toxic ink in our learning materials. 

Want your gently used Monti Kids toys to go to a good cause? Learn about our donation program >

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