5 Magical Uses For a Kids' Tent for Indoor Play

5 Magical Uses For a Kids' Tent for Indoor Play

Once your little one is sitting up independently, it is the perfect time to introduce a play tent to their world. A tent allows your child to create a private hideaway or restful oasis all by themselves.

Here are five ways to use an indoor tent with your baby

Play tent for baby
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An indoor tent is a cozy cocoon

Add some pillows and a small rug and watch as the tent becomes your child's favorite spot to rest, relax, and recharge. Compact and encircling, our Monti Kids' tent is like a big hug—enveloping children in a space that's instantly comforting and restorative.

A place where "Big Emotions" can fly free

Whether your child is feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plumb-tuckered out, a tent is a great place to freely express big emotions without judgment or external reaction. It allows your little one to calm down in privacy. Knowing that there's a place where it's acceptable to express oneself and release pent-up feelings helps youngsters self-soothe, which is immensely valuable as they learn how to regulate and recognize their emotions.

A tent makes a wonderful reading nook

Bring a basket of books inside, along with supportive pillows and a favorite blanket, and gather in this cozy spot to read and re-read books and instill the love of learning and storytelling. An ivory canvas space is naturally light and relaxing, perfect for older children to look at books on their own, too. At night, bring in a flashlight or a lantern to create an illuminated reading nook to unwind before bed.


A child's tent is a secret hideout

Now I see you—now I don't! A tent can be a fun space to practice object permanence for infants around four to seven months, with endless games of peek-a-boo. As your little one grows, a tent can offer a private zone all their own. With the Velcro flaps closed, the tent becomes a secret hideaway, where children can feel free to do whatever inspires them. It can later become a place where they play privately with pals and siblings, or simply recharge and have some time to themselves. The thought of a "secret" spot is both exciting and empowering, and offers children a safe, peaceful place to hide and recharge (even if you know exactly where they are).

A tent creates a snuggle spot

Naturally peaceful and inviting, this tent is the perfect spot for snuggling. Piled with blankets and favorite plush toys, it's sure to become a favorite destination for hanging out together. Perfect for reading, playing, or simply closing your eyes and chatting, this indoor dwelling welcomes family and friends to pile in, get cozy, and connect.

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