The Cooking Together Kit: A Real Kitchen Set for Kids

The Cooking Together Kit: A Real Kitchen Set for Kids

Those unfamiliar with Montessori are often amazed when they see children as young as two years old preparing a snack for themselves or putting away silverware. The best way to introduce these processes to a child by including them in kitchen activities and by offering them a real cooking kit for kids.  The Montessori outlook is that the more we give children opportunities to practice problem-solving and to develop their capacity for concentration and perseverance, the more self-confident and capable they become. In the kitchen, kids have the chance to practice all this, plus the motor skills they'll refine with cooking-specific actions such as stirring, chopping, and pouring.
Cooking Kit for Kids
The Montessori Cooking Together Kit includes toddler-friendly kitchen tools and recipe cards

What's included in a real cooking kit for kids?

Monti Kids has designed a kit to support your child in learning basic cooking skills. It includes everything you see below, plus access to videos to support your learning. Monti Kids Cooking Together Kit

Montessori Cooking Together Kit

encourages little ones to build skills and confidence in the kitchen as they develop healthy eating habits $100
  • Wooden Stand for Recipe Cards
  • 10 Innovative Recipe Cards
  • Child-Sized Wooden Spoon, Whisk, and Masher
  • 3 Bowls for Food Prep, Small Pitcher, and Silicone Cutting Board
  • Melon Baller, Spreader, and Tongs
  • Egg Slicer
  • Wooden Crinkle Cutter
LEARN MORE 18 Months+ Meal preparation combines reading, fine motor skills, STEM, and executive functioning skills. Cooking enables little ones to make family contributions which boosts their self-esteem. With the materials in our kit and the included online lessons, you’ll learn how to support your child in the kitchen, empower them to complete tasks, and enjoy time together as well.

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