A Chat with Christie Stanford

Christie Stanford is founder of Aid to Life Education, the first Montessori program in Western Canada for children under three. She helps families follow Montessori at home, supporting their children to become independent, confident, and happy individuals. Beyond her extensive teaching experience, she is a mother to four year old twins. We chatted about the meaning of being a Montessori parent and how she stays calm and present through it all.

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The most underrated but important sense for your child’s development

Children learn best when they move and they learn by doing. Research shows that motor development and cognitive development are “fundamentally intertwined,’ tapping into similar areas of the brain. When educational toys and activities incorporate movement, your child gains a deeper understanding of the content. Montessori is described as embodied education because it involves as many senses as possible to fully capture a child’s attention.

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Monti Kids Travel Diary: Babies & Bumps at the 2017 New York Baby Show

Kristien from our marketing team and I introduced Monti Kids at the largest show for new and expectant parents in the country. We attended the 2017 New York Baby Show along with thousands of families and over 200 global brands and services. We created a play space in our booth (that attracted a lot of children!) with a sample of our Montessori toys and demo videos from different levels in our program.

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