Learning to Walk: 4 Tips for Encouraging This Exciting Baby Milestone

The urge to walk and experience the independence that comes with it is intense, and for now NOTHING, including work with his hands, will seem as interesting or important. Here are some tips to prepare for and encourage milestones during this period of rapid transformation.

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Is This Toy Safe for My Baby? A Safety Checklist for Your Baby’s Environment.

The first priority for any parent when setting up their child’s environment is safety. This ties into the Montessori Method, which recommends setting up an environment for your child that is completely safe or “child-proofed” so that they can explore freely within it and don’t require constant adult intervention that might interrupt their concentration. All Monti Kids materials meet or exceed US safety standards (ASTM & CPSC) for babies 0-3 years old. But for the other toys in your life, use this checklist to make sure they are safe for your little one.

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How Montessori Can Help Baby’s Development

If you’ve looked into early childhood education, chances are you’ve come across Montessori. But did you know it can also be a great learning tool for babies as young as newborns? While most people of think of it for preschool-age children and older, the Montessori practices and ideas can be really useful for babies’ development, as well. Here’s a primer on how and why babies and Montessori can be great together.

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