A Message From Our Founder: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m often blown away when talking to the mothers in our community by how selfless and dedicated you are to your children. My Mother’s Day wish for all of us is that we don’t just take one day to pamper ourselves but that we consistently treat ourselves with as much kindness and compassion as we give our children.

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National Teachers’ Day: Celebrating Montessori Educators

Today is National Teachers Day, a wonderful reason to celebrate the incredible educators that shape our world. We spoke with the Monti Kids Learning Team about Montessori, favorite teachers, and their path to education.

7 Best Books About Montessori and Child Development

There are so many incredible options out there if you want to read more about Montessori and early childhood development. Here are 7 favorite books, curated by the Monti Kids Learning Team, that can help you do it right from home. These are Montessori classics that you will love, covering everything from Montessori theory to practical tips on raising a toddler.

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A Message From Our Founder: The Importance of Play

Play is a universal need – even for adults. While many of us know how important it is for our children to play, we may forget to make time for play in our own lives. As Brian Sutton-Smith said, “The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.”

Pets and Children: 6 Reasons Furry Friends are an Opportunity for Montessori Learning

Pets are beloved members of our home and school communities, a great opportunity for science and language learning, and a chance for your little one to develop the ability to care for something that they love.

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