7 ways to reignite your child’s interest in their toys

Your Monti Kids Montessori toys have arrived or you just bought the latest toy recommended by a friend. You’re eager for your child to reap the benefits. But when you present it, your child is so not interested, looks away, and would rather rub her head on the cat. This is all normal.

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Ask Zahra: How do I get my child to play the correct way?

How do I get my child more interested in playing with the toys the correct way? He plays with the toys the wrong way and gets irritated when I try and show him the right way and then he stops all together. Is there anything I can do to get him more interested in playing with the toys the correct way or should I just let him play with him the way he wants?

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Montessori Parenting: A Chat with Christie Stanford

Christie Stanford is founder of Aid to Life Education, the first Montessori program in Western Canada for children under three. She helps families follow Montessori at home, supporting their children to become independent, confident, and happy individuals. Beyond her extensive teaching experience, she is a mother to four year old twins. We chatted about the meaning of being a Montessori parent and how she stays calm and present through it all.

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