Building Your Montessori Environment

June 1, 2019

Montessori comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, and spaces. That’s the magic of the Montessori method: it rests on following your unique child and her needs and interests. This month, Monti Kids is celebrating Montessori playspaces from far and wide. Find inspiration to help you build your Montessori environment, or just enjoy the creativity of other families! Here are some of the staples of Montessori playspaces, along with beautiful #shelfies from the Monti Kids community:

For a modern, cozy look:

Inviting, clean spaces that are great examples of the simplicity and order of a play space.

Montessori 1  Montessori 2

Montessori 3   Montessori 4

For the traditionalist:

These environments featuring plants, rainbows, eggs, fruits, and more, incorporate the natural environment into a warm and welcoming version of a traditional Montessori set up.

Montessori 5  Montessori 6

Montessori 7

For the book-lover:

Reading can start from birth and will boost language skills and encourage a lifelong love of books. Here are two beautiful examples of spaces that incorporate a bookshelf that is accessible to a toddler.

Montessori 8  Montessori 9

For schools:

Here are some beautiful examples of multi-age environments (very common in Montessori classrooms) that might be present at your child’s school.

Montessori 10  Montessori 11

For multiple children:

If you have multiple children who are close in age, their joint playspace might look something like this. Place toys that are developmentally appropriate for your older child on the top shelf, and for your younger child on the bottom shelf.

Montessori 12  Montessori 13

For a DIY shelf:

An incredible example of Montessori on a budget! Shelves can be created from all kinds of recycled materials, and this Monti Kids mom made one out of recycled diaper boxes–genius!

Montessori 14

To make the most of a small space:

For all you urban dwellers with small spaces, the simplicity of Montessori will work in your favor! A small shelf with six developmentally appropriate toys will suffice. Keep a basket of toys out of sight to rotate through as your baby becomes ready for new challenges.

Montessori 15 Montessori 16

To use your existing furniture:

Why buy a new shelf when you have perfect options around your house already? This is a beautiful example of repurposing mama’s bookshelf to accommodate baby’s Montessori toys.

Montessori 17

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