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Montessori Spaces: Building Your Montessori Environment

Montessori comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, and spaces. That’s the magic of the Montessori method: it rests on following your unique child and her needs and interests. This month, Monti Kids is celebrating Montessori playspaces from far and wide.

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Hand Over The Spoon: 8 Ways To Raise An Independent Eater

Any opportunity for your child to engage in self-care, such as eating independently, boosts their self-esteem. Practicing independent eating also helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Here are 9 tips to help set a foundation for healthy eating habits for life with your baby.

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A Message From Our Founder: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m often blown away when talking to the mothers in our community by how selfless and dedicated you are to your children. My Mother’s Day wish for all of us is that we don’t just take one day to pamper ourselves but that we consistently treat ourselves with as much kindness and compassion as we give our children.

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7 Best Books About Montessori and Child Development

There are so many incredible options out there if you want to read more about Montessori and early childhood development. Here are 7 favorite books, curated by the Monti Kids Learning Team, that can help you do it right from home. These are Montessori classics that you will love, covering everything from Montessori theory to practical tips on raising a toddler.

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