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A Message From Our Founder: The Importance of Play

Play is a universal need – even for adults. While many of us know how important it is for our children to play, we may forget to make time for play in our own lives. As Brian Sutton-Smith said, “The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.”

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Pets and Children: 6 Reasons Furry Friends are an Opportunity for Montessori Learning

Pets are beloved members of our home and school communities, a great opportunity for science and language learning, and a chance for your little one to develop the ability to care for something that they love.

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How to Dress Your Baby: 8 Montessori Tips on What to Wear for Play

Clothing is an important aspect of Montessori because it is critical for encouraging independence in your child. And the smallest changes can make such a difference! Here are some of our go-to Montessori tips for dressing your baby.

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Daily Mom: Starting Montessori Education Young With Montessori Toys From Monti Kids

Becoming a parent comes with a lifelong set of challenges – breast or bottle, cloth or disposable, organic or local - the decisions are endless and can get a bit overwhelming, but the choice for your child’s education doesn’t have to be difficult.

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A Message From Our Founder: Happy Birthday, Monti Kids!

This month, Monti Kids turns 2 years old! Actually, before our official launch on March 28, 2017, we spent three years developing our program. When I first had the idea for Monti Kids, I was told by the best safety testing companies and several consultants that it was impossible to achieve.

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Learning to Walk: 4 Tips for Encouraging This Exciting Baby Milestone

The urge to walk and experience the independence that comes with it is intense, and for now NOTHING, including work with his hands, will seem as interesting or important. Here are some tips to prepare for and encourage milestones during this period of rapid transformation.

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