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The Affiliate Program is a service that allows participating bloggers and websites to earn commissions on sales referred to Monti Kids using specially tracked links. We provide you with custom links and banners that you can post on your website. Then when a visitor you’ve referred to us makes a purchase, we’ll keep track and give you a commission on the sale.

We are excited to be partnering with early education experts, bloggers and programs around the country to help serve children and families. We work with relevant brands to our products that do not contain objectionable or offensive materials. We welcome all applications but reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion.

It’s easy! Just click here to get started.

There are no fees associated with our program. For non-US affiliates, payment is made via PayPal or wire transfer and may include additional fees.

After you become a Monti Kids Affiliate via LinkTrust, you’re encouraged to add linked banners, text, and other creative assets to your website. When visitors click on these links, they’ll be directed to the Monti Kids website and tracked until they place an order. When an order is placed, unique tracking IDs attached to the credits will let us know that you referred the sale. Your LinkTrust account will then be credited in accordance with our commission structure. You’ll receive an e-check for the total amount of commission you’ve earned by the first Friday of every month.

Monti Kids offers a $30.00 USD commission per order. Applied to first time purchases only.

We have Affiliates who don’t reside in the US, but have US based readers so it works in that application since Monti Kids only ships within the US, at this time.

Though we do not yet have the capability to ship products to internationally, we have heard about a few companies, that appear to enable customers to purchase products on our website, have them shipped to an intermediate address in the US, and then to a chosen destination. Customers can find out beforehand about charges for shipping and duties. We can provide shipping weights and volumes if a customer wants to explore one of these options (this information is generally required to get a shipping estimate).

If a customer referred by your site returns or cancels an order for refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud, Monti Kids at its discretion can debit your account for any commission earned on that transaction.

You can place them anywhere, but we recommend you think of placements that would be most appealing to potential Monti Kids customers such as above-the-fold. You know your website best, so it’s up to you to utilize optimal locations in order to capture the highest clicks and conversions possible.

All Monti Kids content is protected by copyright. Please only use images and content from our site in the promotion of our products on your own website, accessible through your LinkTrust Dashboard.